Sectional Doors Of Your Choice

Wide Variety Of Sectional Doors At Altech Doors we offer a wide variety of sectional doors to choose from including installation, repair and maintenance. There are different types of sectional doors for commercial doors such as sectional steel doors, insulated sectional doors, aluminium and more. Sectional steel and insulated doors are durable, reliable, heavy duty [...]

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Do You Need Hydraulic or Mechanical Dock Levelers?

Choosing Between Dock Levelers A dock leveler is a piece of equipment that is either mounted to the dock face or recessed into a pit at a loading dock, this will allow movement of industrial vehicles between buildings and a transporting vehicle. There are many different types of dock levelers such as air powered dock [...]

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Hollow Metal Doors For Your Business

Service For Hollow Metal Doors Hollow metal doors are one of the most common types of doors that are used in commercial environments. A hollow door is made from a steel frame that has steel panels that is laminated on both sides. They are often supplied with a metal frame and are considered fire-rated assembly. [...]

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Rolling Steel Doors Service For Any Business

What Are Rolling Steel Doors?  Rolling steel doors are ideal for for any business such as warehouses, loading docks, or others. They offer a great combination of security and strength for any store. Rolling steel doors are built to be easy to work with, unlike sectional doors. When it comes to warehouses or other types [...]

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