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Are Rolling Steel Doors Right for Me?

Rolling steel garage doors use a length of heavy-duty steel that can retract into a coil at the top. These doors are larger than other types of garage doors, because of their commercial application. The steel doors are designed to be durable, providing long-term use as well as being able to withstand wear and tear, [...]

Are Rolling Steel Doors Right for Me?2021-05-19T12:14:45+00:00

How Important is it to Service Your Garage Doors?

Keeping your garage door maintained is important to ensure that it lasts. Garage doors are often opened and closed multiple times throughout a single day, meaning that over the course of months the rollers and tracks can start to get dirty and require cleaning and lubrication. Another important aspect of maintaining your garage door is [...]

How Important is it to Service Your Garage Doors?2021-05-19T12:13:47+00:00

What are Sectional Garage Doors?

A sectional garage door is made up of several horizontal panels attached together by hinges. When the garage door goes up or down these panels bend and curve allowing for a smaller opening clearance. Sectional doors have become more modern and a common pick for many. These doors usually have a rubber seal around the [...]

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What are Dock Levelers?

Dock Levelers are fixtures placed right in front of a dock that is made up of a metal plate that helps bridge the gap between the truck and dock since not all trucks are the same size. These levelers operate by a hinge, manually, or automatically. When choosing the dock leveler to be installed you [...]

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Protecting Your Building with Hollow Metal Doors

Steel is the perfect material for commercial doors due to its durability and strength. Hollow metal doors are commercial doors that are specifically designed to protect your building from a fire or burglary. They are particularly useful for protecting your inventory and your staff in case of an emergency. Fire doors are rated according to [...]

Protecting Your Building with Hollow Metal Doors2021-03-19T19:09:12+00:00

Are Rolling Steel Garage Doors Good for the Winter?

Rolling steel garage doors are good for winter because they are designed with strong material to be able to handle harsh weather conditions. These doors may also be insulated with a layer of foam to prevent the heat from escaping during the winter season. This will make working conditions good for employees and if used [...]

Are Rolling Steel Garage Doors Good for the Winter?2021-03-19T19:08:24+00:00

How Rolling Steel Doors Will Enhance Your Business

There are a number of reasons why you should purchase rolling steel doors for your business. Rolling steel doors are very convenient and often last a long time with little maintenance. They are easy to roll out of the way, which is convenient for tall vehicles moving into a warehouse for deliveries and shipping needs. [...]

How Rolling Steel Doors Will Enhance Your Business2021-02-19T19:51:53+00:00

How Often Should I Service My Garage Door?

Garage door service inspections can help you extend the overall lifespan of your garage door. A preventative maintenance call is recommended at least once per year so that a professional technician can make sure your door is working properly and safely. Technicians can prolong the life of your garage door by lubricating certain areas, tightening [...]

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Are Sectional Doors the Best Choice For You?

Sectional doors along with rolling doors and tilt-up doors are the most popular choices for your garage. Deciding on a new garage door can get overwhelming between finding the right company, comparing prices, and choosing a style.  Sectional doors vs. Rolling Doors Sectional and rolling doors are great choices but each has its benefits. Unlike [...]

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What are Loading Dock Levelers?

Chances are that you have seen quite a few dock levelers in your life. They are pieces of loading dock equipment that many large stores use to receive or send shipments on semi-trucks. Grocery stores, hardware stores, warehouses, and more use dock levelers in their shipping and receiving areas. What Does a Dock Leveler Do? [...]

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