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Should You Invest In a Rolling Steel Door?

A rolling steel door is known for its sturdiness, durability, and overall usefulness in the commercial and industrial setting. Rolling steel doors provide an extra layer of protection to businesses from outside sources such as bad weather conditions and forced entry. Rolling steel doors are a good investment for many people because they increase the [...]

Should You Invest In a Rolling Steel Door?2022-01-17T15:37:45+00:00

Is Garage Door Service Necessary?

Garage door annual preventative maintenance is recommended for all residential and commercial garage doors. Preventative maintenance will ensure optimal performance for garage doors and openers. Garage door service companies can fix any problem by providing maintenance, repairs, or replacements to the parts and materials causing problems or worn down. Garage door adjustments and maintenance are [...]

Is Garage Door Service Necessary?2022-06-14T19:30:40+00:00

How Do Sectional Doors Open?

Sectional doors are the most common type of garage door installed today. They are highly resistant to the environment and other heavy-duty use. Sectional doors can be opened manually or with the use of a clicker. Sectional doors open and close vertically. They have wheels on the sides of each panel that make opening and [...]

How Do Sectional Doors Open?2021-12-20T14:34:25+00:00

How Long Do Dock Levelers Last?

Dock levelers last for an average of around 6 years. The life expectancy of a dock leveler can be increased by proper maintenance. Dock levelers should have maintenance tasks performed every 90 days. Any debris that accumulates on your dock leveler should be cleaned before and after every use. Dock levelers can be damaged over [...]

How Long Do Dock Levelers Last?2021-12-06T14:50:58+00:00

What do Hollow Metal Doors Come Equipped With?

Hollow metal doors come equipped with a high-quality hollow metal door, a panic bar, an electric strike, continuous hinges, and closers. There are also a variety of other customizations that can be added to suit your situation. With the standard hollow metal door setup provided by registered and experienced door service professionals, you will be [...]

What do Hollow Metal Doors Come Equipped With?2022-06-14T19:31:02+00:00

What are the Benefits of Rolling Steel Doors?

Rolling steel doors have metal slats that roll up in a coil above the garage door opening. Although rolling steel doors can be beneficial to many residential properties, most people who invest in a rolling steel door do so for industrial or commercial use. This is because it provides a high level of security and [...]

What are the Benefits of Rolling Steel Doors?2021-11-01T14:27:09+00:00

What Does Garage Door Service Include?

Garage door services can include the installation, maintenance, and repairs of commercial and residential garage doors. Commercial door services include the installation of sectional, hollow metal, rolling steel, and other types of garage doors, as well as professional services including installation, repair, and maintenance for clients. Residential Door Services should have a variety of different [...]

What Does Garage Door Service Include?2021-10-18T15:46:47+00:00

Are Sectional Doors Secure?

Sectional doors are one of the most secure doors available. They provide weather, smoke, and fire protection from external conditions. They also protect against unwanted entry. Sectional doors are known for being difficult to force open and are ideal for protecting against break-ins. They are reliable, durable, and heavy-duty, which has proved useful for homeowners [...]

Are Sectional Doors Secure?2021-10-04T15:04:31+00:00

What Are Common Types of Dock Levelers?

Dock levelers are used for bridging the gap between the trailers on a truck and the warehouse dock. The most common types of docks levelers are hydraulic, mechanical, and air-powered. The hydraulic docks are great for high volume, and high traffic areas. Their initial cost can be a little high but require very little maintenance, [...]

What Are Common Types of Dock Levelers?2022-06-14T19:31:19+00:00

What Are Hollow Metal Doors?

Hollow metal doors are often used as exterior doors in commercial and industrial buildings. These doors are made up of steel frames with steel panels laminated on both sides. Hollow metal doors are usually lightweight which makes them convenient and easy for all to use. They are extremely durable and can last a long time [...]

What Are Hollow Metal Doors?2021-09-07T13:41:07+00:00