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The Benefits of Dock Levelers

Local Providers of Superior Dock Levelers Dock levelers are a common sight when you look at commercial and industrial buildings. When stores get deliveries, or factories send out a product they need large trucks to transport it. These trucks are loaded and unloaded in docks and use levelers to make it easier. Altech Doors provides [...]

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Rolling Steel Doors For Your Business

Rolling Steel Doors To Protect Your Business Rolling doors are used by commercial business owners and industrial business owners as an added layer of protection from the outside elements and unwanted entry after hours. Everyone has seen these doors before somewhere when they’ve been out and about. Rolling steel doors are most often seen in [...]

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Efficient Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service - Repairs Professional garage door service for garage door openers or door installations requires a professional to examine and work on. At Altech Doors we offer professional garage door repairs and annual preventative maintenance to ensure everything is working in proper condition. We also work to customize a program for your specific [...]

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High Performing Sectional Doors

Commercial Sectional Doors There are many different types of sectional doors that you can choose from. Whether you want insulated doors, heavy duty doors, thermal efficiency, galvanized steel or a commercial garage door, we at Altech Doors are here to help you find the right product. At Altech Doors we carry a wide range of [...]

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Loading Dock Levelers

Reduce Injuries With Dock Levelers At Altech Doors we provide a wide variety of dock levelers such as hydraulic dock levelers, mechanical levelers or air bags. Depending on the location, your specific wants and needs and the capacity you can narrow down the options leveler designs. Levelers provide a smooth transition for forklifts from floors [...]

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What Is A Hollow Metal Door?

Hollow Metal Doors and Frames Hollow metal doors offer quality metal doors and door frames for both interior and exterior usage. Hollow metal doors provide customers and employees access to buildings with ease of operation and proper hardware. At Altech Doors we specialize in commercial steel doors and custom hollow metal doors that will perfectly [...]

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Rolling Steel Door Options

Rolling Steel Service There are many different styles of rolling steel doors that you can choose from. Rolling steel doors are great for cafeterias, health care. schools, service counters, business shops and so much more. Other options are having a fire and smoke protection or life safety applications. Rolling steel doors provide security against entry [...]

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Looking For A Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service - Local Companies Most people when searching for a good garage door service want to make sure they have quality products. At Altech Doors we specialize in professional door services such as garage door openers, door repair and more. We offer annual preventative maintenance on all our doors and openers to ensure [...]

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