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What Makes Sectional Doors Different?

Sectional doors are a reliable and cost-effective garage door option. Sectional garage doors are the most popular option in the United States due to their low-maintenance, ability to be opened manually or with a garage door opener, and versatility. They can be customized to fit specific needs by adding windows and choosing the textures and [...]

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Are Dock Levelers Necessary?

Dock levelers are necessary to close the gap between the loading dock and the bed of the trailer when the heights don't match. They provide an easier transition for a variety of vehicles to meet the height of the dock. Dock levelers can help mechanical, airbag, or hydraulically operated docks handle difficult or heavy loads [...]

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Where Are Hollow Metal Doors Used?

Due to their high durability and thickness, hollow metal doors are great for exterior settings. But they can be used in the interior of commercial and industrial buildings when a high level of protection and dependability is needed. They can be throughout a building with varying thicknesses depending on the specific needs of the building. [...]

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What is the Purpose of Rolling Steel Doors?

Rolling steel doors are for high performance and built for frequent usage. They are most commonly used in commercial and industrial settings to handle heavy traffic and provide a high level of security. The purpose of rolling steel doors is to meet the needs of businesses with their heavy-duty materials, large size, and resistance to [...]

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What is Involved in Garage Door Service?

Garage door service includes residential and commercial garage door installation, opener installation, garage door repairs, and routine servicing. Maintenance provides a visual inspection of all parts of the garage door. Certified technicians can identify problems in appearance and functionality and perform repairs on the spot. Garage door servicing should be performed annually to ensure bolts, [...]

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What Are Sectional Doors Made of?

Sectional doors are an attractive and practical option that provides maximum functionality and can come in multiple sizes, designs, colors, and finishes. Sectional doors can come in steel or aluminum. They come with different window options and insulation levels. Sectional doors are affordable, low maintenance, durable and secure. Commercial doors can withstand high traffic and [...]

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What Are the Different Types of Dock Levelers?

There are a few types of commonly used dock levelers such as mechanical dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, and airbag dock levelers. Additional equipment that is commonly used is truck restraints, dock seals, dock shelters, and bumpers. Edge of dock levelers and bar lifts bridge the gap between the ramp and loading area. Mechanical dock [...]

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How Are Hollow Metal Doors Made?

Hollow metal doors are made from a steel frame and panels and come equipped with 3 to 5 hinges depending on the size. They are one of the most common doors for commercial and industrial buildings due to their strength and durability. Hollow metal doors have a high-security rating and are very fire resistant. Hollow [...]

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Should You Invest In a Rolling Steel Door?

A rolling steel door is known for its sturdiness, durability, and overall usefulness in the commercial and industrial setting. Rolling steel doors provide an extra layer of protection to businesses from outside sources such as bad weather conditions and forced entry. Rolling steel doors are a good investment for many people because they increase the [...]

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Is Garage Door Service Necessary?

Garage door annual preventative maintenance is recommended for all residential and commercial garage doors. Preventative maintenance will ensure optimal performance for garage doors and openers. Garage door service companies can fix any problem by providing maintenance, repairs, or replacements to the parts and materials causing problems or worn down. Garage door adjustments and maintenance are [...]

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