Hydraulic dock levelers work automatically with a button and mechanical dock levelers are activated by pulling a chain. Hydraulic dock levelers are easy and convenient to operate and don’t require an operator to do manual work. Mechanical dock levels require an operator to pull a chain to position the leveler. Hydraulic dock levelers typically have a higher upfront cost, but mechanical dock levelers have a higher cost of operation and usually require more repairs and maintenance overtime due to having many different moving parts. 

How Often Do Dock Levelers Need Maintenance?

Dock levelers should be thoroughly inspected every 90 days to ensure the loading and unloading processes are safe and efficient. Thorough inspections will include maintenance and repairs for all mechanisms that are worn or damaged. Basic maintenance and cleaning is required on a daily basis to ensure the dock leveler functions correctly during operations. Basic maintenance and cleaning will include removing dirt, debris, and other obstructions around that could interfere with routine tasks.

Dock Levelers With Altech Doors

If you are looking for dock levelers in Detroit, MI, Livonia, MI, Novi, MI, or the surrounding areas, Altech Doors can help you. We provide a large range of weight capacity loading docks, from 100lb all the way to 80,000 lb docks. The docks can be mechanical, air bag, or hydraulically operated. Our family-owned business has proudly served clients in Michigan for almost three decades. Check out our gallery to see some of our work! Contact Us online or call (734) 525-0875 to learn more.