Dock levelers are essential because a loading dock will not match the exact height of every truck that enters the docking area. They are a practical option for businesses involved with loading and unloading goods and materials. Dock levelers are durable and can significantly increase safety in warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities. If you want to improve overall operations and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries for your employees, dock levelers are a great option.

How Do Dock Levelers Work?

Dock levelers are designed to effectively bridge the gap between the loading dock and the truck bed, making it easier and safer to load and unload items. They can cover the gap between the truck and the loading dock to improve the loading and unloading process. Hydraulic dock levelers are easy and convenient to operate and eliminate the need for manual work. Mechanical dock levelers are manually operated with a chain. Airbag dock levelers use an airbag with a mounted blower to raise the deck.

Dock Levelers With Altech Doors

Do you need dock levelers for your business in Detroit, MI, Livonia, MI, Novi, MI, and the surrounding areas? If so, Altech Doors has what you need. We are an award-winning, family-owned business with almost three decades of experience. We provide an extensive range of weight-capacity loading docks. We can help you determine the correct sizing for your dock levelers based on location, capacity, and facility requirements. Check out our gallery to see some of our work! You can reach us 24hrs / 7 days a week at (734) 525-0875.