Dock levelers are capable of safely holding anywhere from 100 to 80,000 pounds. The type of dock leveler that will be best for each unique situation will depend on various factors such as the location and environment, length of the gap from dock to truck bed, the weight that will need to be accommodated, budget, and frequency of loading and unloading. Mechanical levelers are durable and ideal for most applications. Hydraulic levelers are ideal for frequent usage and harsh conditions. Airbag levelers are ideal when loading chemicals or other strong substances.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dock Levelers?

Dock levelers can increase the safety of a work environment by bridging the gap between the dock and truck bed and matching the height between the two. Dock levelers make it easier to unload loading docks and load trucks, saving employees time and extra effort. They are sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. Dock levelers allow trucks of any height to match the loading zone, making operations much more efficient.

Dock Levelers With Altech Doors

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