Sectional doors are a highly durable and versatile type of door that is the most popular style for garages in residential neighborhoods. Sectional doors are applicable for many residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They come in various different styles and sizes to fit any garage. Investing in a sectional garage door can provide many years of use and numerous benefits for home and business owners, such as reduced energy costs, additional security from weather conditions and burglary, and curb appeal. 

Are Sectional Doors Expensive?

Sectional garage doors are a cost-effective option compared to many alternatives. They are typically mounted to the ceiling and run on a track along the wall and ceiling. They are easy to use and can be opened manually or with a garage door opener. Some openers even have built-in WiFi that can be used with your smartphone or tablet. They can also come with a variety of security options like door open indicators, electric deadbolts, and smartphone viewing. 

Sectional Door With Altech Doors

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