Hollow metal doors are extremely durable and strong and designed to withstand demanding environments. They can be customized to fit a building’s unique needs and provide more security. They can be insulated to increase energy efficiency in a building, and fire-rated to protect buildings for hours during fire outbreaks. Hollow metal doors provide easy access for customers and employees and have advanced security options to add extra protection and soundproofing. 

What Are Hollow Metal Doors Used For?

Hollow metal doors can provide multiple advantages in buildings. They are often used to add extra protection against threats. They can withstand all types of weather and be made with bullet-resistant materials to protect against vandalism and intruders. They also have an attractive and heavy-duty appearance, making them a popular option in commercial and industrial settings. Hollow metal doors can be used as exterior doors or in interior settings where a sturdy door is needed. 

Hollow Metal With Altech Doors

If you are looking for hollow metal doors in Novi, MI, Romulus, MI, Southfield, MI, or the surrounding areas, Altech Doors can help you. We are experts in anything to do with any door! We provide hollow metal doors in convenient standard sizes and customized sizes to fit any project’s needs. We provide proper hardware compliant with A.D.A, Fire Codes, and security options to suit your needs. We are a family-owned business with almost three decades of experience. Check out our gallery to see some of our work! To learn more about our commercial door services, call us today at (734) 525-0875.