Dock levelers are necessary to close the gap between the loading dock and the bed of the trailer when the heights don’t match. They provide an easier transition for a variety of vehicles to meet the height of the dock. Dock levelers can help mechanical, airbag, or hydraulically operated docks handle difficult or heavy loads easier and more efficiently. They can also be adjusted to reach different heights to increase the safety of loading and unloading and prevent product damage.   

How Do Dock Levelers Work?

Dock levelers are composed of a deck, hinges, and a lip and can be mechanically, hydraulically, or pneumatically operated. When a vehicle arrives, the leveler will be raised above the bed of the vehicle, and the lip will extend to bridge the gap between the dock and the vehicle. This will allow for loading and unloading. Once that is finished, the leveler will rise, the lip will drop, and the leveler will lower back into its resting position. 

Dock Levelers With Altech Doors

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