There are a few types of commonly used dock levelers such as mechanical dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, and airbag dock levelers. Additional equipment that is commonly used is truck restraints, dock seals, dock shelters, and bumpers. Edge of dock levelers and bar lifts bridge the gap between the ramp and loading area. Mechanical dock levelers require an operator to pull a chain, hydraulic dock levelers are operated with the push of a button on a control panel, and airbag levelers are an economical alternative but still operated with the push of a button.

How Long Do Dock Levelers Last?

Mechanical dock levelers have a life expectancy of 5-7 years due to wear and tear damage. Hydraulic dock levelers have a life expectancy of around 10 years. Airbag dock levelers last for around 5 years but the airbags and motors used to fill the bag are inexpensive and easy to replace and will add years to its life expectancy. Proper maintenance and inspections from certified technicians can help your dock leveler maintain optimal performance, last longer than average, and ensure a safe working environment. 

Dock Levelers With Altech Doors

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