Dock levelers last for an average of around 6 years. The life expectancy of a dock leveler can be increased by proper maintenance. Dock levelers should have maintenance tasks performed every 90 days. Any debris that accumulates on your dock leveler should be cleaned before and after every use. Dock levelers can be damaged over time due to wear and tear damage from the weather. Proper maintenance and adjustments will increase the ability of your dock leveler and reduce the negative effects over time.

What is Dock Leveling?

Dock levelers are fixtures mounted on docks to decrease the distance and level the surface between loading docks and trailers. Dock leveling bridges the gap between the loading dock and trailer bed and makes it easier to load or unload products. Dock leveling is easiest to do with a dock leveler that includes a ramp, and a lip attached to the front of the ramp that levels the surface between the ramp and trailer.

Dock Levelers With Altech Doors

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