Sectional doors are the most common type of garage door installed today. They are highly resistant to the environment and other heavy-duty use. Sectional doors can be opened manually or with the use of a clicker. Sectional doors open and close vertically. They have wheels on the sides of each panel that make opening and closing the door manually smooth and effortless. Installing a garage door opener will make it easier and more convenient to enter and exit the garage. The garage door clicker will move the garage door with the press of a button. 

What Are Sectional Doors Made From?

Sectional doors are held together by panels that are connected by hinges. Most new sectional doors are made out of steel, insulation valves, wood, fabric, rubber, and aluminum. Sectional doors can be customized to fit specific needs. Windows, a high lift track, specific roller sizes, and high cycle hardware can be included in the installation of a sectional door. The color of sectional doors can also be customized, ranging from standard colors to a variety of powder coatings. Commercial steel doors are made bigger and more heavy-duty. Large commercial steel doors can cause the need for heavy gauge materials, rollers, hinges, and tracks to be implemented in the installation. 

Sectional Doors With Altech Doors

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