Rolling steel doors have metal slats that roll up in a coil above the garage door opening. Although rolling steel doors can be beneficial to many residential properties, most people who invest in a rolling steel door do so for industrial or commercial use. This is because it provides a high level of security and very little required maintenance. It is also because many industrial properties have unique layouts that aren’t suited for just any garage door. Rolling steel doors can be mounted in places where sectional doors can’t. This makes them incredibly versatile in difficult or tight environments.

What is the Best Setting for Rolling Steel Doors?

Rolling steel doors can be advantageous for commercial and industrial properties in a high-intensity environment due to their size and durability. With the ability to be insulated and sized appropriately to your unit, rolling steel doors are suitable for a wide variety of heavy-duty applications that receive a high level of traffic and usage. Rolling steel doors can provide extraordinary security from outside sources. This includes not only severe weather but also potential break-ins and loud noises. 

Rolling Steel With Altech Doors

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