Rolling steel garage doors are great for commercial locations. The metal door rolls up and is stored above the opening. They are heavy-duty and very durable against harsh weather conditions and thievery. These doors are meant to last a lifetime and require very minimal maintenance. Rolling steel doors are mounted to the face of the wall on top and supported by the walls on each side of it. It does not require any attachment to the ceiling or roofing structure. Rolling steel doors are great for commercial buildings that require the constant need to open and close them and can handle heavy traffic. 

Cost Of A Rolling Steel Door

The cost of installing a rolling steel door will depend on the thickness of steel, size, slat profile, curtain material, color, and labor. Rolling steel doors are a great investment because they are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance compared to other doors. The upfront cost may be more expensive than others, but you will not have to worry about repairs, replacements, or maintenance as often. The cost of this door can start off at $800 and up.

Steel Doors With Altech Doors

At Altech Doors we have over 29 years of experience in the business and offer each of our customers great service to meet their needs. We carry the most high-quality products that are installed by our certified technicians. We offer a variety of customizable commercial doors to meet your needs in Romulus, MI, Southfield, MI, Detroit, MI, and the surrounding areas. We are available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you would like more information about rolling steel doors contact us at (734) 525-0875.