People don’t normally put much thought into the doors when entering and walking around a building. If they are, it usually means there is a problem. People shouldn’t have to think about doors that is why choosing the right doors for your building is important.  Hollow metal doors and frames are the top choices for several different types of businesses such as hospitals, factories, police departments, office buildings, and more. There are several very good reasons why many businesses make these their doors of choice. 

Why Do Most Businesses Choose Hollow Metal Doors?

Hollow metal doors are extremely popular because they are versatile, lightweight, and offer security. These doors can be customized to fit any doorway. Steel doors and frames can be used as both exterior and interior doors. Because these doors are hollow they are lightweight and easy to use while still providing superior security. Heavy-duty hollow doors can be built as fire doors. Fire-rated doors can have up to a 3-hour fire rating. They can also be outfitted with many common security systems and locks. If you already have an alarm/ security system in your build these doors can be integrated right in. These doors can be useful and customized to outfit anything from a small office to a large compound. Making them a perfect voice for any business.

Hollow Metal Door Installation with Altech Doors

Altech Doors has extensive experience in installing and servicing hollow metal doors in Novi, MI, Southfield, MI, Livonia, MI, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in making and installing custom commercial steel doors. Set up a consultation with us so we can find a regular maintenance schedule that works best for you. At Altech Doors we guarantee you great service and the results you want. If you would like more information about hollow metal doors or to set up an appointment contact us online or at (734) 525-0875.