What Is A Hollow Metal Door?

Hollow metal doors are one of the most common types of doors that commercial businesses or industrial environments use. It is composed of a steel frame with steel panels on both sides. Higher ends of hollow metal doors can be equipped with a steel tube from the center to the mortise pocket. They are very strong doors and can be customized to suit your business properly. 

Hollow Metal Door Options

These doors provide employee and client access into buildings and are the most commonly used door in the commercial industry. They are sturdier and provide more options than regular doors and are perfect for commercial and industrial clients. Our doors come in standard and custom sizes and can be fitted with a variety of safety features to protect your property. We offer a variety of options including endless hardware variations, styles, quality, coatings and more. We also offer options like fire and smoke ratings as well as other features that will keep you in compliance with A.D.A., fire codes and more.

Hollow Metal Doors From Altech Doors

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