Garage Door Service – Repairs

Professional garage door service for garage door openers or door installations requires a professional to examine and work on. At Altech Doors we offer professional garage door repairs and annual preventative maintenance to ensure everything is working in proper condition. We also work to customize a program for your specific needs!

Garage Door Service & Products

The team at Altech Doors is here to fix any problem you may have with your door, whether it was purchased from us or somewhere else. With our garage door repair service we will recommend certain products for you if your product is not available anymore. We also provide solutions that will work on any door brand to provide you long term solutions.

Garage Door Service From Altech Doors

At Altech Doors we can guarantee you great customer service.  We offer a wide variety of residential garage products and services. To learn more about our levelers, hollow metal doors, garage door services, rolling steel doors, sectional doors and more contact us today at (734) 525-0875.