Sectional Doors vs Roller Doors

At Altech Doors we specialize in installation of sectional doors. Sectional doors and roller doors are common garage types but depending on your circumstances you will want to know which is better for you. Sectional garage doors are more secure than roller doors when you compare the two. If you want to be able to customize your door then a sectional door is the better option for you. You have the ability to choose from panel heights, widths, window options, designs and more. Some cons of sectional garage doors is they are more expensive than roller doors even if they are the same size and they require more maintenance. 

Are Sectional Doors Right For You?

There are a variety of garage doors to choose from such as insulated doors and non-insulated doors. Insulated doors have a high quality and heavy duty protection against hot and cold environments. They can also be installed for commercial and industrial use since they offer great functionality. 

Get Your Sectional Doors From Altech Doors

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