Are Sectional Doors Different?

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Sectional doors can come in a variety of sizes, we provide a wide range of standard sizes as well as the ability to make you custom sizes to fit your building opening perfectly. Altech provides installation and service of high quality and professional commercial and residential doors. All our doors can be custom sized and outfitted with security features as well as insulation. Our doors come in a variety of sizes, colors, and more.

Are sectional doors different from regular doors? The simple answer is yes. Rolling steel doors and sectional doors tend to look similar but they are very different. Sectional doors are commercial overhead doors that can be made of heavy-duty steel, lightweight aluminum and more. these doors can be full-view and made of mostly window, which rolling steel doors cannot, or have a few windows or none. Sectional commercial doors provide more sturdy construction and ability to view out or in through windows, rolling steel doors do not.

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